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It’s all right


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발매일 : 2020.10.06 | 오픈일 : 2020.10.06

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It’s all right

2020년 가을, 라이커빌리티가 전하는 첫번째 메시지 [위로]

‘그리워하는 누군가를 하나쯤 간직하고 사는 우리들에게’

라이커빌리티가 선보이는 첫번째 싱글앨범
은 통기타와 피아노, 브러쉬 연주를 기반으로 한 감미로운 보사노바 곡이다. 비교적 단순한 어쿠스틱 셋업 위에 얹어진 남녀 보컬의 서정적 멜로디가 듣는이에게 기분좋은 편안함을 선사한다.

표면상으로는 서로를 그리워 하는 남과 여를 다루고 있지만, 듣는이의 상상 속 모티프에 따라 전혀 다른 이야기도 될 수 있는 마법같은 노래이기도 하다.

<드라이브>, <청춘> 등으로 주가를 올리고 있는 싱어송라이터 태윤과 재즈와 일렉트로닉을 넘나드는 올라운드 보컬리스트 Chrissh가 각각 남녀 보컬을 맡았다.


It’s all right

Produced by 라이커빌리티
Composed by 추교진
Lyrics by 추교진
Arranged by 라이커빌리티
Vocal by 태윤, Chrissh
Piano by 추교진
Guitar by 최우성
Trumpet by 최우성
Drums by 김승일
Midi Programming 추교진
Recorded by 라이온스튜디오
Mixed by 추교진 at Muzi's studio
Mastered by Gus Elg at Sky Onion Studio
Art direction & Designed by 표작가

In the fall of 2020, the first message from Likability [COMFORT]

"To those of us who live with at least one person they miss,

Likability's first single album
‘It's all right’ is a sweet Bossa Nova song based on acoustic guitar, piano and brush. The lyrical melodies of male and female vocalists on a relatively simple acoustic setup give listeners a pleasant comfort.

On the surface, it deals with men and women who miss each other, but it is also a magical song that can be a completely different story depending on the motif of the listener's perspective.

Singer-songwriter Taeyoon, who has been increasing his stock price with "Drive" and "Youth," and all-round vocalist Chrissh, who crosses jazz and electronic, respectively, were male and female vocalists.

It’s all right

Produced by Likability
Composed by Kyojin Choo
Lyrics by Kyojin Choo
Arranged by Likability
Vocal by Taeyoon, Chrissh
Piano by Kyojin Choo
Guitar by Woosung Choi
Trumpet by Woosung Choi
Drums by Seungil Kim
Midi Programming Kyojin Choo
Recorded by Lion studio
Mixed by Kyojin Choo at Muzi's studio
Mastered by Gus Elg at Sky Onion Studio
Art direction & Designed by Disigner Pyo


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